Primes Lab Virtual Teleporterâ„¢

Once dubbed the future of the Internet of Things (IoT), the smart home market hasn't taken off as expected due to a lack of interoperability between devices. Matter [1], a protocol supported by major players such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Samsung, and Tesla, aims to address this issue by allowing any device to connect to another, regardless of the manufacturer, operating system, or cloud service provider. However, this also creates a new problem with privacy breaches as any company, large or small, can access data on all Matter devices through the cloud.

Privacy Breaches
To ensure privacy while maintaining interoperability, secure data transmission is necessary to prevent cloud service providers from accessing the information that passes through their servers. According to some technology policy experts [2], interoperability actually introduces more privacy challenges.

Primes Lab has created a groundbreaking technology called Virtual Teleporter, which enables remote devices to directly connect to a local area network (LAN), such as a home or office, bypassing the need for intermediaries like mobile operators and internet service providers. This ensures privacy and security for the user. To facilitate seamless deployment of Virtual Teleporter, Primes Lab has developed a Smart VPN solution. This solution includes a Private Matter Gateway installed on the user's local network and a Virtual Machine Server in the cloud, providing secure and private access to smart home digital assets from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Teleporter is a fundamental breakthrough in computer networking that connects the digital world to the physical world. The technology provides numerous benefits, including decentralization, unification, autonomy, privacy, and security. Devices as simple as light bulbs or as advanced as smart cars can coexist and cooperate in the same teleported space, and content created by an end-user remains under their control.

Applications & Key Use Cases
Smart Home: Primes Lab solution allows users to access their home LAN privately and securely, and the exchanges of data, video, and chats remain 100% private and secure. By incorporating a PMG into your home LAN, smart home users will be able to securely access all of their digital assets, including those on Matter, Apple HomeKit, Google Nest, and Amazon Alexa, from anywhere. This will result in a multi-fold increase in the sales of smart appliances. Additionally, with the PMG in place, users will be able to chat on the private LAN without any registration, monitoring, or tracking. They will also be able to work from home and conduct office and entertainment activities as if they were on the private LAN. Finally, the PMG will enable users to engage in private and secure transactions within the confines of their home LAN.

Medical: In the medical sector, there is a growing need for a solution that enables patients who are discharged from a hospital or doctor's office to be remotely monitored, with the data being transmitted back to the healthcare provider or device manufacturer in a secure manner. Currently, the process of sending this data over the internet is prone to security breaches and data privacy issues.

Fintech: The use of PMG in the fintech industry is extremely varied, ranging from cryptocurrency transfers to peer-to-peer payments. When enabled, PMG technology ensures that all transactions are conducted securely and privately. This enables two users to engage in secure transactions that are completely disconnected from the internet.

Industrial IoT: In the context of industrial IoT, the deployment of PMG enables confidential communication between users. The PMG cannot be hacked, thus ensuring that information such as inventory data, sales figures, and plans remains secure and private between users when the PMG connection is enabled.

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